Best wallets for men

Best wallets for men

A wallet is something that gets used almost every day in a man’s life and is rarely considered a purchase. On one hand where females purchase their next purse months before while on the other hand males have either gotten one as a gift years before or might have bought an outdated model at the nearest store out of impulse. So, gentlemen, it’s time to improvise your spending needs and up the game. So let’s browse down to some of the best wallets you might want to have in store.

The cash-free convert

An obvious choice to future-proof your wallet for the cashless economy is a simple card holder. So, for men who always carry plastic or never want to ruin the line of your suit jacket, a cash-free converter aka card holder is the best option.

The ATM junkie

A bifold or the billfold as the Americans call it is the most classic option for a man who likes to keep a note or two with him, which we can appreciate. You can either go for a traditional billfold or a more modern interpretation with a clip in the centre. But anyway, it’ll keep that currency crisp for the next outing.

The change carrier

The saviour of all times- when you need coins for a car park, or pay change at Walmart, or tipping someone or even pay change to the driver. In such situations, you wouldn’t want to wander the chambers of your pockets and embarrass yourself in public. Instead, you’d have a coin fitted in a fixed place and maintain the standard. The sleekest are zipped on three sides to stop spilling the coins out, but there are also a few leather coin purses clipped to your belt loop using a loop.

The traveller

A travel wallet is an antagonist of a cardholder, a package combining a holder, multiple cash sleeves sections and a section for your passport and boarding pass. But, if you want to slip it into your inside pocket, I would suggest you buy the slimline version. The slimmest can accidentally slip out at check-in, though, so a backup can be a zipped version, so that is much safer if you are carrying a bag with you.

Slim wallet

To keep it simple, an everyday slim wallet to carry a little cash and a few cards is an excellent choice. It comes with a lot of colour variations with two slots on each side, and one in the middle for cash. A wallet that comfortably holds four to six cards and a few folded bills is the best choice to avoid space utilisation. You can opt to buy this stylish wallet within a fair price by redeeming some genuine coupons at, a one-stop website for up to date coupons on anything you wish to shop!

Money clip wallet

Best wallets for men

The latest money clip wallet is the best for men who live a minimalist lifestyle and want the bare minimum to stuff in the pockets. A money clip wallet is a clipper open wallet that holds all the notes and cards with a magnetic clipper. Although it doesn’t sound a lot safer considering the chances of dropping a card or two while paying cash, money clip wallet does save a lot of space and looks classy.

Rustic Leather wallet

The rugged and the classic rustic leather wallet has its exceptional look. You know you’re buying a high- quality product when you choose a label like Fossil, but it isn’t just the brand, it is the quality and the look that makes it the best. The wallet is cent per cent leather and has eight slots for cards and a section with for Id cards with viewing sides, two slip pockets and a bill compartment.

Smartphone wallet

For someone who doesn’t want to occupy the pockets, a smartphone wallet can be helpful. In situations where you want to carry fewer things and have your bulky smartphone and wallet combined, such a purse is a great start. With beautiful colours and sizes to fit various androids and iPhones, smartphone wallets like the Edward Field are the best to choose. The wallet is enough to remove unnecessary bulk and provide some space for essential stuff with a one year warranty. One extra point for this goes as it is handmade in the USA. The look and feel of the wallet are great, and you’ll love to flaunt the new trend.